Until now, all film processors developed x-rays by moving film from tank to tank.  Among other drawbacks, this automation approach results in occasional lost films, roller marks and artifacts, high chemistry and water use, as well as frequent cleaning and maintenance.  But most importantly, it doesn't result in consistently high quality x-rays - quality you need in order to provide accurate patient diagnosis.  And as the chemistry ages, quality declines even further.  X-Ray quality has been traded for small gains in processing speed.  Developer temperature is raised to upper limits, despite film manufacturer's guidelines that the best quality is achieved at a lower developing temperatures.

The experience XRS gained over 17 years from servicing other manufacturers' film processors - as well as the knowledge we gained from talking with hundreds of dental professionals - convinced us that there had to be a better way to develop dental film.

Our Solution -- Stationary Film, Move the Chemistry
Years of research and development resulted in a breakthrough in the developing process.  We took a new approach by leaving the film stationary and instead moving the solutions to the film.  Film is developed, fixed, washed and dried all in the same tank.  Unique film holders keep x-rays secure, eliminating lost films - and subsequent retakes.

Developer, fixer, and water are contained in their own sealed tanks.  We even provide two wash cycles to optimize x-ray quality and extend water life.

Using a self-contained air pressure/vacuum system and a custom-engineered valve system, solutions are delivered to the exposed film.  We eliminated rollers, racks, gears, belts and tracks - all the moving components that cause problems in other processors.

Time and Temperature
We designed the ImageMax Film Processor to both heat and cool the developer.  You choose the temperature at which to develop your film - from 68 to 85 degrees F. (Best quality film at 68 degrees.) The ImageMax Processor uses an onboard computer to constantly make adjustments in the developing process based on the type of film, developer temperature, and chemistry age.  So, your x-rays look as good at the end of a batch of chemistry as they did at the beginning.

Because we utilize only one processing tank, our processor is very compact.  Furthermore, putting each solution (developer, fixer, water) in its own sealed tank has a number of benefits: No plumbing.  No chemical odors.  No spills.  Chemistry life is dramatically increased (no oxidation) and water consumption is decreased (no running water). Over time this results in considerable savings.  We are so confident in the technology and workmanship of our processors that we provide an industry leading five-year warranty.  We are dedicated to superior customer service, quality control, and continuous product improvement.

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