The beauty of the ImageMax is that it's so easy to maintain.  From its no-plumbing-required feature, to push button drains, to no rollers racks or tracks...ImageMax will perform reliably for years without the regular weekly and monthly maintenance required by roller and track based processors.

ImageMax is backed by the absolute best warranty in the industry. X-Ray Support can offer this extraordinary warranty because ImageMax doesn't have the problematic parts that other processors have. It's built to withstand even the heaviest of volumes. If you experience any problems with your ImageMax, call our toll-free customer service hotline at: (888) 230-9500. The warranty and the ImageMax are the best in the business.

Return Policy
We're very confident that you'll be completely satisfied with the ImageMax processor.  However, if you find that the product is just not meeting your needs, call us within 2 weeks of receiving the ImageMax to see if we can help solve the situation.  If we are still unable to meet your needs, we'll gladly have the processor picked up, then issue you a refund. "We'll even pay the return shipping cost!"

Support Materials
ImageMax Owner's Manual
ImageMax Quick Reference
MSDS - Developer/Fixer
MSDS - WaterFlo
MSDS - Cleaner

If you experience any problems with
your ImageMax, call us toll-free
(888) 230-9500.

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