Daylight Loader:
Our light-weight daylight loader makes the ImageMax processor versatile and able to use practically anywhere. It eliminates the need for a darkroom by enclosing the entire top of the processor enabling you to produce high quality x-rays in a lit room. This is further supported by ImageMax's self-contained, sealed-tank design with no external plumbing required. This versatility saves you valuable office space and enables you to place the ImageMax wherever you need it.

The ImageMax Daylight Loader is constructed with high quality heavy duty fabric over a strong, yet light-weight frame that easily fits over the top portion of the ImageMax Processor. This makes it the worlds first truly portable automatic film processor. Installed onto the ImageMax, the total dimension is 23-1/2" high at the back sloping to 19-1/2" at the front, 18-1/2" wide, and 15" deep. There is plenty of room inside the loader to easily load film into the processor.

ImageMax Concentrated Chemistry:
Since ImageMax only requires 1 quart of developer and 1 quart
of fixer, we recommend that you only use chemistry designed for one quart-sized containers. Gallon sized containers begin to oxidize as soon as the seal is broken. ImageMax chemistry is specifically designed for the ImageMax processor and combines the best characteristics of both automatic and manual processing solutions. Our color-coded developer and fixer solutions come in convenient concentrated bottles which provide a 1 year shelf life compared to just 3-4 months for ready-mix. Concentration also takes up less than 1/2 the storage space. 8 bottles of each per case. Mixed with water, each bottle makes 32 ounces of working solution.
Chemistry Brand
Price / Quart
ImageMax Concentrate
(made fresh every month)
Henry Schein
Kodak Ready Pro
Air Techniques Peri-Pro
Prices based on 2011 Sullivan-Schein catalog

NOW there's a versatile and affordable alternative to costly safelights. SafeStik is a safelight that can be placed on your counter, hand-held to find a dropped film, or mounted on the wall of any darkroom. Powered by 2 standard AA batteries, SafeStik produces an amazing amount of "safe" light right where you need it. It’s unique, 5 LED’s spread over 18" eliminates shadowing. We even broke the KODAK® 4' barrier. Put an intraoral film right next to SafeStik and it WON'T fog. Light-weight - just 15 ounces.

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SilverMax™ - Fixer Silver Recovery System:
SilverMax operates on an oxidation/reduction metal replacement process reducing silver concentrations to below Federal EPA standards of 5 parts per million (mg/L). Other manufacturers fill a 5 gallon container with steel wool. The "theory" is that the fixer will evenly flow up through “all” of the steel wool. The reality is that the fixer will actually only find one single path of least resistance. Therefore, the fixer actually only sees about 1 foot of steel wool. SilverMax packs iron into a 7 foot long 2" tube, then we coil that tube into a small 1 gallon container. Our exclusive technique allows the fixer to travel 7 times farther than standard silver recovery units!

SilverMax Filters for 9 Months!
Quality Dental Films :


ImageMaxDeveloper Cleaner :
Simple & Quick! Pour a cleaner bottle into the ImageMax developer holding tank, mix with water, run the processor, let stand about 15 minutes, drain, and rinse. That’s it!

Use a bottle every 3 months to keep your ImageMax processor and your films looking fantastic!

WaterFlo™ - Water Additive/Film Surfactant :
Standard tap water varies greatly from region to region. Some contain various chemicals to neutralize bacteria while others have softeners to reduce minerals. Each of these can effect the clarity of your x-ray image.

X-Ray Support has created WaterFlo™, a water additive that helps reduce the effects of standard tap water and boost the clarity of your x-rays. Simply add 3 drops to the water holding tank in your ImageMax™ processor. That’s it! WaterFlo™ takes care of the rest.

A one ounce container of WaterFlo™ will last about 6 months. An affordable and convenient way to boost image clarity.


Film Holders:
Film Holders are available for intra-oral sizes 0 thru 4. Extra film holders improve ImageMax efficiency by allowing you to pre-load films.
So when a batch completes, a new batch can be immediately started. Get a set and mark them for each operatory.
Or write the names of each assistant or hygienist on the Film Holder so films quickly and accurately get back to the right person.

Film Holder Tray:
Finally a way to organize your Film Holders with our NEW Film Holder Tray. Designed to set next to your ImageMax, it neatly stores 8 Film Holders for quick and easy access. No more hunting around trying to find holders!


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