The ImageMax has improved the practices of dentists throughout the nation.  ImageMax's clear x-rays will help you spot problems you may have been missing.  Its easy maintenance features mean you and your staff will have more time to spend with patients, not cleaning the machine.  And the fact that you can't lose films means you'll save time and money on retakes.  But don't take our word for it, read through testimonials of ImageMax customers nationwide and you'll see that ImageMax is a smart move for your practice.

Video Testimonials

"The ImageMax works better than advertised! We almost went digital because we wanted to eliminate our dark room. We have used tanks and Peri-Pro machines. The ImageMax is a 100% improvement. It also represents a much improved use of chemicals. All the films are easily processed. After I showed the parents the anomalies on the panorex, most of them want to start the orthodontics that day. The machine paid for itself in the first two days! Thanks."
   -- J. Ahlin, D.D.S. - Massachusetts

"A very positive difference in quality; no roller marks; better consistent contrast; no artifacts on X-Rays. It's great not to have to worry about rollers & losing films. The concept of stationary film is outstanding. It has the quality of hand dipping. Lower temps do increase film quality. There is no comparison between cleaning this machine and one with rollers (A/T2000). This is so easy & quick; not messy."
   -- B. Goble, D.D.S. - Kansas

"We like no rollers and have never lost any films. I am pleased with the technology; maintenance is an automated procedure that anybody can do."
   -- T. Kozlowski, D.D.S. - New York

"We process at 68°. Both dentists and hygenist see a vast improvement. The technology is amazing and so simple. The machine tells you everything basically."
   -- K. Kelaher, D.D.S. - Massachusetts

"The quality is exceptional. No more lost xrays! There are no roller marks & xrays are completely dry when finished. The xrays don't get stuck together. The ImageMax method of draining out the liquids & water is very simple & definitely less messy. Your company is very innovative & great support with all our questions. Thanks for all your help."
   -- N. Miranda, D.D.S. - California

"I like the way the machine tells you when the chemicals and water need to be changed, instead of guessing when they are bad. I like the way the machine drains the fixer into a concealed bottle - it does not stink and is less messy."
   -- K. Ring, D.D.S. - Washington

"It has been three months I started use the ImageMax in my clinique. I was hesitant to buy this new technology machine. Now, after using it, I am extremely happy with my choice. I throw away my old machine with rollers with great happiness. Simply, with the time it takes to clean the rollers, I will probably be able to pay this developer in less than a year. No more rollers!! No more marks and lost films in the machine! The films are immobile; it is the liquids that move. Brilliant!! I never saw films with such clarity and precision. As a result, diagnosis is more improved."
   -- C. Chartrand, D.M.D. - Quebec, Canada

"The small footprint of the machine allows us much more useable space in our darkroom than if we had a roller type machine with under counter tanks. Your technology is 21st century and your support of the machine is fantastic."
   -- R. Friedman, D.D.S. - New Jersey

"Impressive technology that has served my practice in very useful ways, especially allowing us to lower the dosage of radiation to patients due to proper development time."
   -- K. Ching, D.D.S. - Hawaii

"It has done everything I have asked of it, including random sized copies. And blessedly requires almost no maintenance. And the neat part is the machine tells you what has to be done, like water levels, etc."
   -- W. Kent, D.D.S. - New Jersey

"I'm very impressed - you appear to have eliminated a real pain in the dental office - roller & chain break-down! Plus, no more gallons of fixer & developer to store."
   -- R. London, D.D.S. - Oklahoma

"Before entering dentistry, I was a commercial photographer in New York City and have my M.F.A. degree in photography so I speak with some authority on matters such as developing film. The way to insure highest quality is to process film in developing and fixing tanks having no rollers, where the solutions are maintained at a constant temperature, and the film is developed for an exact time depending upon that temperature. Period. Your processor meets these [I should say excels in them] requirements and does so automatically. There simply is no other processor available to the dental profession that can do this. When one of our patients moves to another area, it is always a pleasure to hear back from the new dental practice compliments on our radiographs. "How did you get these?" So thanks again for such a fine product."
   -- E. Stephan, D.M.D. - Washington

"I run at 70 - 72°, and with Kodak "F" Insight we get beautiful results with far less exposure to my patients. A consistent, predictable radiograph every time."
   -- J. Fusco, D.D.S. - New York

"The solution temperatures and film count is monitored so you won't develop a film and have it turn out unreadable. If the solution is too cold developing time is increased so your image comes out right. I like the auto drain button. You don't have to open the machine, pull the plugs and soak the racks. I'm impressed with the monitoring of the chemicals and the water counts. This lets you know the status of your system at all times."
   -- D. Hodges, D.D.S. - Washington

"My film image quality has greatly improved with the ImageMax.  This allows us to sight problems more accurately and early.  There is no comparison.  This technology is miles ahead of any competition!"
   -- P. Biegler, D.M.D - Illinois

"ImageMax images are crisp and clean and allow me to diagnose without hesitation."
   -- D. Reck, D.D.S - Colorado

"Great looking films-very sharp! No scratches or spots.  I'm thrilled! No more films eaten during processing-I've never lost a film.  Even at the highest temperature setting, I get better films than I ever did with my (old processor). I've been very impressed at the "brains" of this machine-totally automated and self-maintaining.  What a great idea.  I will recommend this machine to anyone!"
   -- D. Klein, D.D.S - Michigan

"Been in practice for 23 years.  Fought with roller machines for 21   yea years.  ImageMax is like a dream come true.  Recommend every office that processes film to throw away their roller (processors) and purchase the ImageMax."
   -- M. Cornett, D.D.S. - Ohio

"ImageMax quality is unbeatable.  The images are clearer… there are no roller marks, the film is always picture perfect.  The self-cleaning features are so time saving! We don't have to change it (chemistry) as often, which saves us a lot of time and money."
   -- M. Rich, E.F.O.D.A - Oregon

"We love the no rollers clean up, it's very easy and simple to clean.  It takes maybe 5 minutes unlike rollers that had to soak over the weekend."
   -- K. Burnett, D.D.S. - Washington

"Our last processor was a bear to clean.  Every week we drew short straws to see who had to clean it and took a good 40 minutes.  We love the ease of the Imagemax and the low "time cost". And it tells us when to change/add chemistry! Great!!"
   -- M. Fisher, D.D.S. - Washington

"No lost films ever! Hurray.  This was a constant problem with (my old processor)."
   -- G. Silva, D.D.S. - California

"ImageMax can consistently handle our high volume usage.  Lost films are a thing of the past.  With ImageMax, we can better predict when the chemistry needs to be changed.  When cleaning is required, the down time is greatly reduced.  Our yearly cost of chemicals has been reduced.  The automatic drain makes cleaning much easier and our chemistry lasts much longer."
   -- S. Cerrone, D.D.S. - Michigan

"I never purchased an automatic processor, because I thought the maintenance was not anything I wanted to deal with.  When I saw the ImageMax, I bought it immediately."
   -- V. Barber, D.D.S. - Pennsylvania

"I find ImageMax easier to clean than the roller machines.  With the rollers you have to pull them out and drip all over the place, and you need a sink or bucket nearby.  With this processor you don't need all that stuff."
   -- L. Rosen, D.D.S. - New York (Family Dental Center)

"You get the gold standard of the dip tank with less mess and maintenance than other automatic developers."
   -- N. Maly, D.D.S. - Michigan

"It's such an obvious concept to bring the small amount of chemicals to the film instead of bringing the film to a large amount of chemicals, that it's amazing no one thought of this before now."
   -- V. Barry, D.D.S. - Washington

"My impression of the company-XRS-is excellent."
   -- D. Schwartz, D.D.S. - Ohio

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