X-Ray Support, Inc. (XRS) has been serving the dental community since 1985, servicing and maintaining film processors for over 300 accounts each month. Founder, Roy Jacobson, has over forty years of experience in the x-ray industry. His son and partner, Jim Jacobson, has over thirteen years experience in x-ray and a background in computer programming and electronics.

It was during this period of servicing processors, that Roy and Jim analyzed the problems with x-ray processors - poor film quality, lost film, constant cleaning and maintenance issues, etc. It then occurred to them to simply stop moving the film, and instead move the solutions! This simple, fundamental change immediately solved the majority of the problems that have plagued automatic film processors from their inception. From that concept, the ImageMax processor was born. Jim led the design team that created the ImageMax Automatic X-Ray Film Processor. He now runs the company located in Spokane, Washington, and has sales in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil.

ImageMax has been called the most technologically advanced processor on the market today. Yet, as advanced as the processor is, it's based on the original manual film development technique used years ago. ImageMax moves the liquid, instead of the film and processes based on the Kodak time and temperature chart. From that concept, it's easy to understand why the ImageMax has such an advantage over roller and track based automatic film processors. With a fully self-contained air pressure and vacuum system to move the solutions, computer controlled processing at any temperature, a display that constantly informs you of the processor's status, and six clearly marked operator buttons, the machine is practically mistake-proof.

Our goal is simple: Provide the dental community with the most consistent, perfect quality x-ray development possible in an economical, easy-to-use machine that will run trouble-free for years and years.

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